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Security Escorting

ALM operates in two of the most secure airports in the country. We are committed to remaining current and adaptable to the technological advancements in data privacy and security. As such, we have instilled an advanced security approach, through our ALMIT application, to ensure no unvetted supplier trucks or materials reach the airport terminal. Our application utilizes secure API connectivity to allow TSA, MCO, and any other security standards to be fully integrated within our application. The security data can also be easily extracted from ALMIT into any detailed analytics or operational reporting format, per the client’s preference.

This application operates through cloud connectivity, and therefore, can be easily and securely accessed from anywhere around the world, via a web browser. This offers ALM and clients full-time access to all operations. (We need to include metrics about how this has enhanced security)

A day in the life of “Centralized Receiving and Distribution”


Delivery to ALM:

  • All vendors are set up on a receiving schedule.
  • Every box that comes in is inspected, counted, and temperature taken (perishable foods).
  • The receiving clerk stamps all invoices with a delivery time and date and record all information on the receiving logs.
  • If potentially hazardous food and beverage items are received, all items will be handled according to Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP).
  • Before delivery to tenants, each item goes through that airport’s security protocol.



Post-Security Procedure:

  • All orders delivered post-security are wrapped for security and safety.
  • Trucks are loaded by location need for refrigeration.
  • Where pallets are required, colored plastic pallets are used and wrapped for security.



Delivery to Tenants:

  • All deliveries are made through access tunnels and back hallways where available.
  • Tenants verify piece count at time of delivery.
  • Vendor invoices are delivered with all items. Tenants check all orders against the invoice for accuracy.
  • Once deliveries are accepted and delivery log signed, tenants are responsible for securing all goods.
  • ALM provides timely and constant pick up of all delivery equipment and totes.