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Food Brand

We opened our 4 restaurants in a 3 month period of time in the summer of 2006, going from $0 in sales to anticipated sales in excess of $10MM. In that time period, and ongoing, A.L.M. has demonstrated the flexibility in the schedules to accommodate the needs of new and existing vendors, as well as varied delivery options.

They have always erred in favor of our operations.

In addition, they have provided ancillary support services, such as escort services for unbadged service vendors, minor maintenance support, and remodeling work-all done at very favorable rates. Were it not for their offering these services, the work would largely go undone.

I would hope that any other properties considering use of a commissary would seriously recognize the expertise of A.L.M. and the many value-added services they provide for vendors in the airport.

  • Patrick J. Kline
    Area Manager at FoodBrand L.L.C.

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